Mini Charlotte Tilbury Haul – Perfect holiday essentials

This week, in Manchester, the sun put his hat on and it was glorious but with it being Manchester, it soon disappeared. So I thought I would purchase a few products that will give me a nice summer glow even if it is chucking it down outside. (Scroll to the bottom for before and after photos)

I’ve loved Charlotte Tilbury products ever since her counter appeared in Selfridges Exchange Square back in late 2014. The packaging is beautiful and by adding just a few items into your makeup bag, you can really amp up the glamour.

I decided on 3 products this week, Beach Stick, Cheek to Chic and Airbrush Flawless Finish. Usually if I know I’m going to be buying this much, I will book in for a makeover, as the cost (£25+ depending on the level of the artist) is redeemable against your purchases so it is definitely worth doing if you have the time!

I’ll start off with my favourite product out of the three, the Beach Stick in Ibiza (£30). This looks like a big chubby lipstick and can be used literally anywhere on your face, including your lips to add a pop of colour. The shade, Ibiza, is stunning. It really helps give a natural looking sun kissed glow that you can build up by adding more product. I applied a swipe across my forehead, close to my hairline, at the temples, along the cheek bones, down the nose and a touch on my chin. These are the places that would naturally catch the sun, and with me being really pale, any more than this and I’d have looked a little silly. I blended the product using my fingers (I watched Charlotte Tilburys Youtube channel for tips) and added more in areas that I thought could handle it, like my cheeks. It’s really easy to blend, it doesn’t seem to just stick to where it’s applied, which is good if you’re like me and get distracted while you’re doing your makeup. This product is also perfect on its own, just to give you a little bit of something to enhance your natural beauty. This will definitely be going in my suitcase when I next go away! There are several other shades, so have a look and see which one is best for your skintone.


Next up, Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy (£30), a blusher compact with two shades. Charlotte recommends swishing your makeup brush around the outside, swipe across your cheek bones, and then apply the centre colour on the apples of your cheeks to give them “pop and glow”. The colours are great, you can apply them lightly for a subtle hint of colour, or a little heavier for more of a statement, either way works really well. Having two colours means it’s perfect for taking on holiday as it still gives you choice without you needing to take several different compacts. Perfect!


Then finally, the Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder (£33). I used this product after applying my foundation, but before an under-eye concealer, to smooth over the skin under my eyes and give the concealer a nice smooth base to be applied to. I also dusted it over my whole face once I’d finished my makeup, to reduce some of the excess shine (I can get a little carried away with “dewy” products on my already oily T Zone). Overall, this product is nice, but it doesn’t seem to do much more than what a standard finishing powder would do for a fraction of the price. That being said, I’m a sucker for packaging and the cute rose gold compact it is in is enough to make it worth it for me, I’m just not sure if I will buy it again.


So, before, I was looking so pale that people actually ask me “Are you ok? You look really poorly!” literally whenever I go out without any makeup on.


To after, having a healthy looking glow that doesn’t seem too much.


How do you like these products? Do you have anything you think works better? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, beauts.

Alex xx


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