My Daily Skin Care Regime

In the past 6 or 7 months I have been having a nightmare with my skin. I have been very lucky up until recently, I never really got spots, just the odd one or two a month, so for me to now start getting clusters of them is terrifying!

I’ve always trusted Clinique. As a brand, I like that they’re against animal testing and their products are allergy tested (I have super sensitive skin now so this is very important to me). So I took a trip to my nearest counter to find out what can really help my skin…and in turn, my self esteem.

First up, the people at Clinique all really know their stuff. The girl who helped me spent a good 30 minutes discussing my concerns and looking at my skin using a huge light and magnifying glass, which must have been traumatic for her! She suggest the Foaming Sonic Facial Soap and the Sonic Brush to cleanse my skin. I’d read up about the Sonic Brush previously, and the great reviews it’s received, so I was easily convinced. The face wash gets really foamy and is really good for removing makeup which means my face feels really fresh and clean afterwards. So far, so good…


The next step is the Clarifying Lotion. My skin is very much combination, I have an oily T zone but really dry dehydrated cheeks so the number 2 lotion is best for me. You only need a small amount on a cotton pad to quickly sweep over your face, too much and it can feel like it’s drying your face out. As mentioned in an earlier post I have used an old Jo Malone candle to store my cotton pads because I think it looks a little bit more chic than the original packaging.


The next step is moisturiser. Despite my oily T Zone, I really believe in giving my skin as much moisture as possible (dry skin is more likely to get wrinkles and I’d like to avoid them for now!) so we decided on Moisture Surge. This is my absolute favourite. Every time I would walk past Clinique, I would test out a bit of a sample and be amazed at how good it made my skin feel. I’m not really sure why I didn’t buy it sooner. It’s consistency is a bit like gel which works really well with my oily areas as well, it doesn’t seem to make them look any worse!


If I didn’t have any skin concerns, this is where I would stop. However, at the minute I am having regular break outs (thank you hormones!) and I’m in my late 20’s so I’m now starting to worry about wrinkles, so the regime must get longer….but thankfully only two more products!

To help with my spots, I got the Anti-Blemish Solutions. This is a small bottle of a gel which has been clinically proven to help get rid of spots (hurrah!). I apply it directly to the areas of concern using a cotton bud but it can also be applied as a thin layer over the entire face. This dries those nasty spots out so quick! I tend to only use this at night as when it dries up it can look a bit crusty but that might be down to me using massive blobs of the stuff.


Finally, to help around my eye area I got the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment. I like to pat it on really lightly with my ring fingers to encourage the blood and to avoid pulling at my skin. I’ve done this morning and night for two weeks and although I haven’t actually noticed a visible difference, my skin does feel really nice and soft under my eyes so I am going to persevere. If anyone else has been using it for longer, feel free to leave me a comment below!


If you are looking to get a good skin care regime going and you don’t know where to start, try Clinique. Let me know in the comments if you liked this post or if you want to read about something else!

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Thanks for reading, beauts



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