Starting A Blog At 29

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m a 29 year old girl (yes I still refer to myself as a girl and not a woman) with serious obsessions with lingerie, make-up and cats. It’s drives everyone I know crazy. My instagram is pretty much just a mixture of all three things, with sneaky photos of my boyfriend every now and again!

12063782_10153171034851444_4415852476120481254_nWhy have I waited until now to start a blog, I hear you ask? Well, truth is, I’m a little bit nervous about this kind of thing. I’m a little socially awkward and that makes it pretty difficult for me to do stuff like this, but hey ho!

This blog is going to showcase all of the things I love, from Agent Provocateur to Asos, British Blue Shorthair Cats to Bobbi Brown foundations. It might not be good, and I might just be writing this and no-one will ever read it, but it’s worth a shot…so here goes nothing…!

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Thanks for reading, beauts

Alex xx


6 thoughts on “Starting A Blog At 29

  1. Well I’m socially awkward too as you are aware and I can tell you you’re doing a fabulous job. You’re made for this.xx


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