Jo Malone London- Bloomsbury Set

It was recently my birthday and I was lucky enough to be given a very generous Selfridges gift card off my boyfriends family.

I chose to spend it wisely, and not just head straight to the Agent Provocateur concession, as I would usually do. So I booked in for a Whisky tasting evening at Jo Malone London to be introduced to their limited edition Bloomsbury Set.

I wasn’t disappointed! Personally, I’m not a big whisky fan but it was interesting to learn about the different types and how they’re made. Oliver left there feeling a little bit tipsy, so he was happy too!

The information about Jo Malone London, The Bloomsbury Set and the story behind it was fascinating. If you don’t know about it, check out their website (Jo Malone London – Bloomsbury Set Story) or have a trip to your nearest counter.

There are five colognes from the set and I ended up buying two (although one is for my mum for Mother’s Day so I wasn’t being too crazy for a Thursday evening)!
The Tobacco and Mandarin for myself, which sounds awful, I mean who wants to smell like tobacco?! Honestly though, it’s gorgeous. The mandarin makes is quite sweet and the tobacco and beeswax give it an overall warmth which I just love! This is a nice heavy scent, that seems to last all day which makes the £46 price tag worth it.

I’ve treated my mum to Garden Lillies, which consists of water lillies, green sap, ylang ylang, white musk and a touch of vanilla. This is a really fresh day time perfume. To me it just seems really clean and almost refreshing.

I am the biggest sucker for Jo Malone London. My mum bought me a Pomegranite Noir candle for my 26th birthday and I’ve never loved a candle more. Once it was completely burnt out (it lasted almost a year, it was a special candle, only to be lit on special occasions!) I even cleaned out the jar and I use that for my cotton wool pads in my dressing room. The packaging and the way the items are presented in store is simple but beautiful and I can’t help but be drawn to it again and again.

Thanks for reading, beauts. Leave me comments about what other posts you’d like to see!

Alex xx


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